Furniture machinery

Here You will find machinery for furniture production.

Compressed air


Tradition in Production

Basic element which we are building on is our industrial

tradition. The machinery production in our factory has already

taken place more than 110 years. The first Albert compressor

was produced in 1998 and their assortment continues


Screw Blocks

• Screw block is the key element of each electric compressor.

• Screw blocks themselves are manufactured for more than 30 years.

• Accuracy of manufacture on the order of thousandths of millimetres.

• Exceptional quality thanks to the top-quality machine tools

and devices controlling accuracy of manufacture.

Albert Compressors

• The compact design for air supply.

• The 4–20 kW power segment.

• Direct connection between engine and air end.

• The Albert compressors distinguish themselves by a high variability of individual types making it possible to select a pressure version, an open or 

a bonneted model (according to a type), and furthermore a wide scope of accessories – various sizes of the air receiver or a version without air 

receiver, the integrated condensation dryer of the air with pressure dew point of +3 °C or +7 °C, an anticondensation by-pass (according to a type), an 

external counter of running hours for models without Logic 26-S, etc.

• An easy access to all the components together with online assistance for the warranty and the after-warranty service make the Albert compressors 

very easily serviceable.

• Use of renowned manufacturers’ components together with over dimensioned coolers provides a long service life of the Albert compressors. Frequency 

converters of the Danish company Danfoss, the Logic 26-S intelligent electronic unit, etc. The own ATMOS Care protection system of the compressor as 

part of the standard compressor equipment.